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About the designer.

Hely was born in 1976, raised, and living in Israel, married and mother to two children. Hely has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Farleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in New Jersey.It was 2002 when She finally decided to turn my hobby into a business. 


"I began designing and creating to myself but with the interest of the local market my business started to expand. 
I always had a passion to design and create fashion. Most of my collection is designed with shiny crystals and quality metals, and I decided to design a popular item that most urban woman will like to wear in the evening for a cocktail.

My desire is to match my designs to every woman, I want my designs to have a strong presence that no one can ignore, when anybody see's a woman wearing my designs, but on the other hand I always make sure that it will not dominate the personality of the woman who is wearing my jewels.

It must flow and match the overall of her look and style. it must also match the modern urban life.

These feelings of love and joy are what inspires me.

I loved to use hearts and drops pendants that reflect the feelings…Feeling of a simple love.A feeling that makes every woman happy.

 A woman who wears my designs would feel loved and pretty. A small piece…Will be the last item that a woman puts on to make her feel – PERFECT...!


One of the best reviews that I enjoyed reading was :

"...with her eye for detail, passion and renowned metro chic style, it's no wonder Hely Designs has become the must have name for every woman's wardrobe"